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Niklas Emborg Gjersøe, born in Esbjerg, Denmark (1994) started playing classical cello at the age of 5 years with local teacher Peter Øst. Niklas later got interested in rhythmical music, first he used his cello, in new constellations, later he shifted to playing the electric bass. In 2011 he started having lessons with the Hungarian bassist Sandor Szasz, the lessons was in a room full of double basses, and Niklas was soon playing the Double bass.

After graduating college, Niklas applied for MGK (Preschool for the conservatory) and was accepted, here he studied with the bassist Niels Kvist. He then traveled for half a year in both South and North America exploring diffrent sides of himself and his surroundings. After coming home, he went all in on music and applied for an orchestra called Esbjerg Kommunes Kreative Orkester (EKKO) he was accepted in the end of 2016, as the first ever pre-conservatory student in the orchestra, which is a state funded orchestra that has existed since 1996.

In 2017 he was also admitted into the Danish National Academy of Music, where he now studies with the teacher Thommy AnderssonNiklas is very passionate about investigating, breaking boundaries and freely communicating and composing music.

Niklas has recently played in New York, with his project The GraVity between which is a multidisciplinary collaboration between the two artists Jacqueline Bulnes and Niklas, Exploring contemporary dance and music. Niklas composes all the music for bass clarinet and double bass, the guest artists are Marc Kibrick Bernstein and Frances Samson. Besides that project he is playing original nordic jazz/folk in the duo Bjergsøe, danish original folk in Marskland, Syrian folk music in EKKO & the Syrian Roots and the list goes on…

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Releases / Featured on

Above Above
2019 – Heavens Above (Single)
2018 – Faux Gospel (Single)

2018 – Hængekøjen (Single)
2018 – Sommersind (Single)
2018 – Sommerhuset (EP)

2018 – Ukrudt (Album)
2018 – Marskland (Album)

The GraVity between
2018 – The GraVity between (Multidisciplinary work)

Engelsholm Winterjazz, The Very Bigband, Improv Camp

Thommy Andersson, Marc Bernstein, Niels Kvist, Martin Meretti Andersen, Martin Shack, Thor Madsen

Girls in Airports, Jerry Bergonzy, Tim Hagens, The Rumba Ensemble v. Rune Harder, Katie Thiroux, Jim Black, Bob Gullotti, Greg Cohen, Nana Pi Aabo Larsen, Bjarke Falgren etc.

Audio °

Above Above

Above Above – Heavens Above [Single, 2019]

Above Above – Faux Gospel [Single, 2018]


Bjergsøe – Hængekøjen [Single, 2018]

Bjergsøe – Sommersind [Single, 2018]

Bjergsøe – Sommerhuset [EP, 2018]


Marskland – Ukrudt [Album, 2018]

Marskland – Marskland [Album, 2018]

Video °


Closing Time

Esbjerg Kommunes Kreative Orkester

The Gravity Between

The Very Big Band