Biography °

Niklas Emborg Gjersøe, born in Esbjerg, Denmark (1994) started playing classical cello at the age of 5 years with local teacher Peter Øst. Niklas later got interested in rhythmical music, first he used his cello, in new constellations, later he shifted to playing the electric bass. In 2011 he started having lessons with the Hungarian bassist Sandor Szasz, the lessons was in a room full of double basses, and Niklas was soon playing the Double bass.

After graduating college, Niklas applied for MGK (Preschool for the conservatory) and was admitted, here he studied with the bassist Niels Kvist. He then traveled for half a year in both South and North America exploring diffrent sides of himself and his surroundings.

In 2017 he was also admitted into the Danish National Academy of Music, where he studied a Bachelor degree with versatile bass-player Thommy Andersson as his main bass teacherNiklas is very passionate about exploring multidisciplinarity and multicluturality, through composing music, freely improvising and communicating through expression of artforms.

The Danish musician, composer and video artist, now plays the double bass, cello and electronics. Niklas Is deeply planted in the danish folk music tradition, he uses his traditional background to leap out and cover new contemporary grounds within the art. Lots of what Niklas does, is related to multidisciplinary work, and it often comes out of improvisation and chance. Niklas has been part of many projects and has had many interesting teachers, some of whom he now works with.
Niklas was the first ever to be main chair of a communal funded orchestra called EKKO before even being at the academy of music, here he has been working mainly in with transcultural art, connecting Syrian refugees with the danish culture and vice versa. Other than that Niklas has appeared on and produced various records, EPs and singles during his short musician career so far. Niklas also works with video and sound installations, he has exhibited works og various museums in Denmark.

Curriculum Vitae °


GraVity Productions
2019 – Crying Animal (multidisciplinary work)
2018 – The GraVity between (multidisciplinary work)

September 2020 – ISOLATIONSSIND exhibitions at Vejle, Tønder, Ribe and Esbjerg Artsmuseums.
May 2020 – Winner of DMFs Entrepreneurial award.
February 2020 – Winner of KATAPULT with the band JUMA.

December 18- 22, 2019- Five performances @ Teatro Basilica Rome, Italy
July 16 – 24 – Performance and residency @ kulturfactory contemporary international residency NOLA, Napoli, Italy

June 20, 2019- Performance @ Danish National Academy of Music Esbjerg, Denmark
June 19, 2019- Performance @ Odeon Concert Hall

Odense, Denmark
Marts, 2019 – Receiver of the honorary scholarship from the Odd Fellow Order
September 25- 26, 2018- Performances @ Chez Bushwick New York, United States

Nathalia Flórez Quintet
2020 – Lille Liv (Single)
2019 – I Aftenens Sidste Minutter (album)

Arctic Border
2021 – Quarter of a morning hour (EP)
2020 – SleepWaltzing (EP)

Above Above
2019 – Heavens Above (Single)
2018 – Faux Gospel (Single)

2018 – Hængekøjen (Single)
2018 – Sommersind (Single)
2018 – Sommerhuset (EP)

2018 – Ukrudt (Album)
2018 – Marskland (Album)

Engelsholm Winterjazz, The Very Bigband, Improv Camp

Thommy Andersson, Marc Bernstein, Niels Kvist, Martin Meretti Andersen, Martin Shack, Thor Madsen

Girls in Airports, Jerry Bergonzy, Tim Hagens, The Rumba Ensemble v. Rune Harder, Katie Thiroux, Jim Black, Bob Gullotti, Greg Cohen, Nana Pi Aabo Larsen, Bjarke Falgren, Adam Melbye, Audrey Chen, Simon Toldam, Anders Fillipsen, Knud Finsrud, Jakob Bro, Katie Thiroux, Carsten Dahl, Brian Blade etc.

2019 – KulturFactory, Nola, Napoli, Italy
2018 – Chez Bushwick inc/ Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation, New York City, USA


A conspicuous component of improvisation
[…] “The gravity between” is a performance that is clearly, provocatively, perhaps even blatantly avant-garde. But what is the vanguard?” […] “In conclusion, this show is certainly symptomatic of new directives taken by contemporary theater and, perhaps, it will be considered a milestone in the theater of our century” – Antonio Sanges @CulturSocialArt

[…] “There are two elements that are identified unequivocally during the performance. a common BREATH, so intense in the dancer that it involves the audience, air as a tinsel – adorned – but also with a melodic completion from the music of Emborg Gjersøe. The other is a FORCE that pushes and attracts both vertically and horizontally, out of control, but which gives the movement a tension, which is  aesthetically pleasing to the eye, catalysing from the bodies of the performers, pervading every single action and look.” […]
” I am look forward to the next inspirational piece of Bulnés & Gjersøe, so as to train ourselves to a futuristic look of dance, where our imaginative contribution is required in the space between concept and content.” – Giada Somenzari @GufettoPress

Audio & Video °

Tactile Resonance

The Gravity Between


Fok Ellna Khel [Single, 2020]

JUMA [Album, 2021]


Marsh & Marigolds

Arctic Border

Sleep Waltzing [EP, 2020]

Quarter of a morning hour [EP, 2022]

David Nørlund

Sorte & Jeg [Song from Vaakum: The Piano Pieces (Original Soundtrack), 2020]

Nathalia Flórez

I Aftenens Sidste Minutter [Album, 2019]

Grove Kitchen

Did You Hammer The Pigeon? 

Ascending Stones [Production, 2020]

The Entrance Of The Shameless Plasticbags [Live Koncert, 2019]

Going Home


Bjergsøe – Hængekøjen [Single, 2018]

Bjergsøe – Sommersind [Single, 2018]

Bjergsøe – Sommerhuset [EP, 2018]

Above Above

Above Above – Heavens Above [Single, 2019]

Above Above – Faux Gospel [Single, 2018]

Closing Time


Marskland – Ukrudt [Album, 2018]

Marskland – Marskland [Album, 2018]