Biography °

Niklas Emborg Gjersøe, born in Esbjerg, Denmark (1994) is an artist, producer and musician, with a degree from The Danish National Academy of Music. Working within multiple disciplines Niklas breaks down the boundaries between the artistic faculties, and bridges the gabs between cultures and art-forms.

Niklas has been working with Arabian / Danish folk music, studio-production in his own tracking-studio, modern contemporary dance, performance and abstract video-art. His work is powered by creativity and forged with musicality.

The Danish musician, composer and video artist, now plays the double bass, cello and electronics. He is deeply rooted in the Danish folk music tradition, which he uses to leap out and cover new contemporary grounds within the arts. Most of his work is occurring within the frame of multidisciplinarity, and his artistic process is full of improvisation and chance.

In 2020 Niklas and his fiancée Nathalia Flórez who is also an artist, bought a house at the Danish countryside. They built a professional tracking studio in their backyard, where Niklas has already produced many records, performances and art pieces.

He also founded the company Tactile Resonance, that engages in anything that awakes a feeling of tactile resonance within Niklas. He is now working with other artists in the artistic community on spreading the joy of being an artist to the younger generation. With the project Verden Filtreret he and Robert Cole Rizzi is facilitating video- and sound art workshops all around Denmark, with a goal of giving children the feeling of being right and thereby exploring the value of serendipity.

Niklas is at the moment working on his biggest piece so far, which will be exhibited at Vejle Kunstmuseum in autumn 2023. The piece is called 4WALLS unified and is an immersive video- and sound installation, that engages in a direct conversation with the different communities within the city of Vejle and discusses whether or not the art is actually all around us in our everyday.

Previous to this Niklas has exhibited smaller video and sound installations on various museums in Denmark, and the multidiciplinary piece The GraVity Between, a collaboration between him and chorographer Jacqueline Bulnés (US/IT), has been performed in New York, Rome, Naples, Odense, Esbjerg and Copenhagen.

Curriculum Vitae °

Prizes, residencies and performances

2021 Participation in Folk Spot Denmark with JUMA

2020 – ISOLATIONSSIND exhibitions at Vejle, Tønder, Ribe and Esbjerg Art Museums.

May 2020 – Winner of DMFs Entrepreneurial award.

February 2020 – Winner of KATAPULT with the band JUMA.

2019 – Five performances @ Teatro Basilica Rome, Italy

2019 – Performance and residency @ kulturfactory contemporary international residency NOLA, Napoli, Italy

2019 – Received The Honorary Scholarship from the Odd Fellow Order

2018 – Performances @ Chez Bushwick New York, United States


Marsh & Marigolds

2022 – Heading Off (single)


2021 – Ain’t God Flying Low (album)

Tactile Resonance

2020 – ISOLATIONSSIND: Multidisciplinary work exploring videographic partitures, video/sound installations and improvised music, exhibited on four different art museums in Denmark.

2020 – Et Vita: Multidiciplinary work carving a path for both videography, dance, classical and rhythmical music.


2022 – Kringsatt av fiender & Lamma bada yathana (single)

2020 – JUMA (album)

2020 – Fok Ellna Khel (single)

Arctic Border

2022 – Quarter of a Morning Hour (EP)

2020 – Sleepwaltzing (EP)

Nathalia Flórez

2022 – tæthed og tomhed (album)

2021 – Unge og Smukke (single)

2021 – lille liv (single)

2019 – I Aftenens Sidste Minutter (album)

Going Home

2019 – Lullaby (single)

2019 – Going Home (single)

The GraVity Between
International multidiciplinary work, creating a path for modern dance and new contemporary music

2019 – Crying Animal (multidisciplinary work)

2018 – The GraVity Between (multidisciplinary work)


2018 – Hængekøjen (single)

2018 – Sommersind (single)

2018 – Sommerhuset (album)

Education & Workshops

2022 – ‘Huskunstner’ at Vejle musikskole teaching use of videografic partitures and improvisation

2022 – Workshop at MGK south in videografic partitures and improvisation

2022 – ‘Huskunstner’ at The WEEK6 Workshop @ Urban R School, Esbjerg

2021- – Workshop in video- and sound art @ Nikolai for Børn with artist Robert Cole Rizzi, finalized in exhibition @ Kolding Lysfestival

2020 – Multidisciplinary Workshop @ Viby Efterskole creating one piece of art for dance, music and drama with and for the students

2019 – Multidisciplinary workshop @ Urban R school – 2019

2017, 2018, 2019 – curator of EKKO Talent Camps

Support from grants
DJBFA, DMF, Odd Fellow Order, Danish Arts Council, DAF, Slots & Kulturstyrrelsen, Jonah Bokear Arts Foundation (NY), Kultursciok (IT), KODA, Færøsk Kulturfond, DPA, Kulturegion Fyn.


A conspicuous component of improvisation
[…] “The gravity between” is a performance that is clearly, provocatively, perhaps even blatantly avant-garde. But what is the vanguard?” […] “In conclusion, this show is certainly symptomatic of new directives taken by contemporary theater and, perhaps, it will be considered a milestone in the theater of our century” – Antonio Sanges @CulturSocialArt

[…] “There are two elements that are identified unequivocally during the performance. a common BREATH, so intense in the dancer that it involves the audience, air as a tinsel – adorned – but also with a melodic completion from the music of Emborg Gjersøe. The other is a FORCE that pushes and attracts both vertically and horizontally, out of control, but which gives the movement a tension, which is  aesthetically pleasing to the eye, catalysing from the bodies of the performers, pervading every single action and look.” […]
” I am look forward to the next inspirational piece of Bulnés & Gjersøe, so as to train ourselves to a futuristic look of dance, where our imaginative contribution is required in the space between concept and content.” – Giada Somenzari @GufettoPress

Audio & Video °

Tactile Resonance

The Gravity Between


Fok Ellna Khel [Single, 2020]

JUMA [Album, 2021]

Marsh & Marigolds

Nathalia Flórez

Tæthed og tomhed [Single, 2022]

unge og smukke [Single, 2021]

lille liv [Single, 2020]

I Aftenens Sidste Minutter [Album, 2019]

Arctic Border

Sleep Waltzing [EP, 2020]

Quarter of a morning hour [EP, 2022]


Grove Kitchen

Did You Hammer The Pigeon? 

Ascending Stones [Production, 2020]

The Entrance Of The Shameless Plasticbags [Live Koncert, 2019]

Going Home


Bjergsøe – Hængekøjen [Single, 2018]

Bjergsøe – Sommersind [Single, 2018]

Bjergsøe – Sommerhuset [EP, 2018]

Closing Time


Marskland – Ukrudt [Album, 2018]

Marskland – Marskland [Album, 2018]